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ama_bookclub's Journal

The Best Book Club On LJ!
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an online bookclub and more
The ama_bookclub is an online book club created for members of the ask_me_anything community because we realized there weren't very many active LJ book clubs. Though it is starting out with mainly members of the ask_me_anything community, you need not be a member of that community to join ama_bookclub (though I highly recommend it as it is a terrific community full of interesting, fun, smart people with great questions - and answers!). The focus of this community will be on reading books (within a given time-frame - see posts for details) and then discussing the book as in a traditional "real-life" book club. Books read will be decided by poll voting by the community members.

Additionally, members are encouraged to post about any other books they may be reading as well as anything related to books and reading in general.

The Rules We Play By

Not a lot of specific rules at this time. As your moderator, if I see the need arise from time to time, I may add some specifics. For now, just play nice and treat others as you would like to be treated and we should get along fine. Simple. :-)

1. Our first official rule: SPOILERS behind a CUT, please. :)